Coaching and Mentoring



Building leadership and personal skills is a career long journey. Finding your voice, keeping it current, removing blockers could all benefit from a focused investment in self. 

Coaching is a great way to really explore one's own approach and become more focused and more intentional about your style, impact and success.

Mentoring can quickly expand your skills, by leveraging the experience and perspective of another career professional. 

Whichever is best for you today, focused investment in yourself will payoff throughout your career.


As a trained coach and experienced mentor, I bring a focus to every conversation that will help enable your journey.

Leadership and Teams



Achieving and maintaining alignment between a leadership team's style and abilities, the team's capabilities, and their key processes critical for sustained success and growth. 

Great leaders are always growing; they're looking for new skills and perspectives to enable themselves and their teams. 

I bring experience and passion to the view of growing leaders and team skills while establishing processes that really work for the business within those abilities.

Each effort is customized to the goals of the business, the leaders and your teams capabilities and culture.

Process Design & Implementation



Ensuring team processes are focused, deliver business value, are as lean as possible, and actually help the team is a hard and complex task. 

Equally challenging is rolling out new processes to a large and complex team.  Even when the process is right, adoption often fails and the entire value is lost if the rollout is done wrong.  

I have years of experience in leading process design, delivery and execution. In every project, a view to the process side and its quality and tie to the team's journey is ever present. 



Coaching is a personal journey to help in clients discover and define their road ahead, or unblock progress on key issues. 

Coaching is often  transformative when clients discover more about their true selves and how to leverage that for their success.

I'm a trained coach, currently working towards CTI and ICF certification. 

Mentoring & Support

Team members often struggle when learning new skills, scaling existing skills or taking on complex challenges with broad impact. 

Having a mentor is often the difference in success and failure. 

I have a wealth of experience and perspective, skillfully balancing challenging deeper thought and providing ideas to each conversation. 


Proper design and facilitation of key events is critical to organization success. 

I have a breadth of experience in designing and facilitating team off-sites, leadership retreats, complex team retrospectives and more. 

Having a knowledgeable partner and participant is a key to success. I strive to be such a partner, willing to do the work of design and able to give experienced insight along the way.

Business Process Development

Developing and managing adoption of core processes is key to a teams success, moral and long-term performance. 

Often processes are hastily established, poorly communicated, and inconsistently utilized.  The result is poor performance, team burn-out, and filed delivery on goals. 

I bring decades of experience in doing process design and deployment within large and complex teams.

Design is a collaboration ensuring key elements are included. Adoption driven with the team, rather than "top down" enables quicker and more lasting success. 

Agile Software Delivery

Agile as a methodology is successful only when properly designed for and lived within the team, while being led with an Agile leadership approach. 

This is a transformation, and it isn't easy. Often adopting Agile struggles to failure, largely because teams attempt to do Agile without transforming and living Agile throughout the organization. 

I've lead teams and project management efforts for larger and smaller projects, with Agile and Waterfall. I deeply understands the values of Agile, and what it takes to make it work, at the team and leadership levels within an organization.

I can work with your leadership and delivery teams to define your Agile approach, a clear training and rollout method and most importantly - partnering while you and your teams build the muscles to live Agile. 

Initiatives Management

Large organizations often struggle delivering on a broad array of initiatives over time. 

Initially ambition and intent is good, but over time most initiatives get lost, while new initiatives get added and everyone gets frustrated with the waste of time and overall success rate. 

I've built a scalable and repeatable approach for doing Initiatives Management for the entire organization. Its easy to build, increases initiatives delivery and improves focus at all levels of the team, while reducing overall waste.