An experienced and practical leader and manager. I bring over 27 years of diverse experience to every engagement and every conversation. My passion is to ensure the right solutions are found, regardless from whom or where, by empowering the contribution of all participants. I bring a strong belief in people; that they’re their best when just being who they really are, and organizations build the best most lasting success through empowering diverse teams. After working nearly 20 years at Microsoft, the time came to expand and gain some experiences with other firms and teams. In this journey, I’ve been fortunate to work with some teams at Amazon, Lionbridge, and Apptio, and through consulting with a great many more. In the summer of 2018, I began efforts to restart my journey into full-time coaching and consulting.

As a coach I’m focused on helping people advance their journey. From time to time, we all get stuck in parts of our lives; stuck finding the meaning, a path forward, or building the courage to take that next step. Personal Coaching is a great approach to digging a bit deeper, and finding your path forward, your way. I’m currently earning my formal coaching certification from CTI & the ICF, as part of my investment in ensuring I bring all I can to every conversation.

As a consultant, I’m passionate about achieving results through aligning leaders and leadership teams with business processes and team abilities. This often requires growing leaders to that next level, building and implementing business process that are tailored to fit the challenge, and assessing and growing teams to bring the required skills and performance to meet customer and business challenges.

To this conversation I bring passion, knowledge and experience in leaders, project management, team development and the leadership required to bring them together.

Outside of work I enjoy exploring my passion for technology. I’ve been getting back into writing code, 3D printing, playing with a never-ending stream of new devices. I also enjoy reading and exploring history, traveling, and having great conversations with friends and family