I'm a transformation coach and consultant dedicated to growing leaders and developing teams. 

I work with executives, senior leaders, and whole teams to help them continue their growth; to discover and step into themselves and expand into their true impact.

I believe in individual passion and creativity, and that diversity where "people are their best self" is the key to lasting success. That when teams are built on trust and true teamwork is when we really can and do achieve so much more that anyone thought possible. 

I coach because: We all get blocked from time to time. We find struggle in defining purpose, what it means for us to step up, and even finding those next steps. It's natural, yet it's often frustrating, daunting or just scary. Having a coach to support and challenge you can make a big difference. As a coach, I bring myself to everyone individually, focused on who you are, your success, your journey. 

I consult because: All too often, teams and organizations struggle with team and business processes that simple don't work. They are out dated, ill-thought through and often are more "tax" than tool. In short, they stand in the way of success. I bring deep experience and passion to managing change; to building teams and business processes that work. Change that scales to real business needs, while remaining tightly aligned to the teams that actually do the work.